The GT Rally Story


The GT Rally is a series of events for automobile enthusiasts.

While The GT Rally is a new name in the automobile enthusiast scene, its founders are in no way new to Motorsports. The GT Rally Crew was founded and is operated by of a group of friends that all met years ago while attending various Motorsports events.

While attending and participating in rallies all over the United States, the members of The GT Rally crew saw a chance to take what they liked from the better rallies and improving on the problems from others. The goal was to put together a series of events that are fun and entertaining to anyone loving car culture.   

The founding members of The GT Rally each have their own backgrounds in Motorsports. From old school muscle cars, to Japanese & German import tuning as well as European Moto GP racing, this diverse blend of Motorsports backgrounds all add up to a team of individuals that appreciate all motor vehicles and automotive culture camaraderie.

Our goal is that every participant has fun and is completely satisfied with their Motorsports adventure. We welcome all comments, criticisms and suggestions. If there is something we are doing right, tell us, if there is something we are doing that is lacking, please do not hesitate to let us know. We hope that everyone enjoys their experience with us and we thank you for choosing The GT Rally.

Bringing Car Culture Together ©2019 The GT Rally, LLC.

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